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The Republic of Cape Verde is one of the best destinations for blue marlin fishing in the world's sport fishing sites

The blue marlin is on the area all year round, the good period is from March to July for only this fishing, then from July to November always blue marlin with in addition yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, sea bream , spearfish, and at the bottom of large jig or bait serioles. There are no size limits in the blue marlin, it ranges from 100 kg to granders + 500 kg.

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We are in a difficult period,

                     You have to keep your spirits up. The marlin will be waiting for you,                      as soon as everything will be better I'll wait for you for a climb                      of emotion in the pleasures of taking a beautiful blue marlin.
See you soon dear friends.

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Welcome to Cape Verde, Blue Marlin Paradise

The Republic of Cape Verde, is one of the most consistent blue marlin bites found in all of sport fishing. The prime blue marlin season at Cape Verde lies between March and August. Other game fish, such as big yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna, make regular appearances , There’s no consistency in the sizes of blues. One hook-up might be on a 300-pounder and the next a solid 900 or even a grander. You can use stand up tackle to fight these blues, but if the seas get rough or you hook an exceptionally large one, fighting chairs is ready!!... read more ...

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